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Cottage, not in Muskoka? Pity.

Just thought I would quickly add this one to the blog. From our recent trip to England and Scotland, it’s a cottage listed in Chipping Campden in the Cotswolds.

This one is not a waterfront cottage, but it is 17th century stone, has a thatched roof and is beautiful to look at.

Catharine checking out a property - even on holidays!

Catharine checking out a property – even on holidays!

It’s £1,365,000, that’s approx $2,100,000.

It is surprisingly poor from an energy efficiency standpoint, coming in at 2nd from the bottom on the scale used in the UK; it isn’t broken down but I suspect that the thatch is equally as poor as the stone.

The circa 1600 exposed beams/rafters are rather unusual by Muskoka standards. See below…


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