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Make sure your batteries are charged first!

Maybe it’s just me. Does it seem that Hydro One have outsourced reliability… to their customers, slowly over the years?

Think back twenty or thirty years; power failures – that’s what we used to call them – were really rare. Weren’t they? Now they are referred to as power outages, and they seem pretty frequent. Now, cottage buyers think of it as a real plus when a cottage has a back-up generator because the power fails …often. We buy generators and have battery power supplies for our computers because we expect many incidents a year.

Click to visit the Hydro One Storm Centre

Hydro One Storm Centre

Hydro One has an app now to provide information about power outages. Although referred to on the page as Hydro One Storm Centre, there are a few power interruptions of late that have had little to do with storms.

Although the page states that the app is available for smartphone and tablet devices, it’s not an iPad app – but there’s an iPhone app that you can 2x on an iPad.

As long as your device has cell coverage, it’s great not to have to use the phone to get the updates on the … outage.